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LiftUp Communities supports working families and individuals from historically marginalized communities in Chicago. We are continuously learning how to support our community members in their neighborhoods and beyond. 

Our case management efforts go beyond a simple referral. We aim to be the liaison and advocate between our clients and third-party agencies. Our continued work and follow up with clients will allow us to identify if their needs were fully addressed and understand the gaps in services provided, and find more effective resources. This allows us to ensure successful services and client success.
By increasing utilization of existing social programs and services, we are empowering our clients as they work to increase not only their wellbeing, but create a ripple effect for their families’ and networks’ economic stability.

We work in tandem with LiftUp Enterprises, our for-profit social enterprise, and its operating company, Do Right Services.

Our unique structure maximizes our ability to expand our impact on individuals and offers a unique opportunity to support our communities holistically. The symbiotic relationship between the two entities, LiftUp Communities and Do Right Services, allows us to help employees and their friends and families navigate social services and employment opportunities.

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