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Who We Are

At Lift Up Communities, we aim to develop a replicable and measurable framework centered around stabilizing low-wage workers and their communities.

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Our 501c3 and LLC structure maximizes our ability to expand our impact on individuals. The symbiotic relationship between the two entities allows us to help LiftUp Enterprises employees, as well as their friends and families, navigate social services and employment opportunities.

Our People

Julian Posada

Executive Director

Vanessa Sanchez

Community Advocate Director

Phoebe Rudnick

Program Manager


Our Board of Directors

David Hunt- Chair of the Board

Vice President at Bernstein Private Wealth Management

Sara Guderyahn

Executive Director at The Chicago Blackhawks Foundation

Andrew Means

Senior Director of Global Impact Data Strategy at

Amy Peña

General Counsel at Chicago Community Trust 

Julian Posada

President and CEO of LiftUp Enterprises

Tyler Carolan

Senior Performance Analyst at Stand Together Foundation

Diana Sharpe

Vice President, Large Customer Operations at ComEd

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